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Top 5 Reasons Fall is Fantastic


Ah yes. The First Day Of Fall.

That’s what today is. Officially.

Someone figured it out a long time ago, just like they figured out the strange tradition of daylight savings (which, okay, had to do with crops a long time ago, but really just annoys the hell out of everyone now). While a lot of us are probably clawing at the windows in fear of the impending winter, fall remains my favorite time of the year. You can walk for miles and not get sweaty, apples and pumpkins are all around, and those cute neck scarves we’ve all been trying to wear all summer are finally appropriate.

If you heart fall as much as I do, you’ll probably agree with these Top 5 Reasons Fall is Fantastic.

5) No. More. Sweating: Remember when it was 80 degrees and you tried to walk down the sidewalk or across campus and by the time you got to where you needed to go, your hair was sticking to the back of your neck and your face was all red and your armpits were soaking through that BTS shirt? Well, fear the heat no longer, because now that fall has arrived you can jaunt across campus in a cute scarf, hat, or light coat and get to class feeling fresh-faced and sweat-free (unless you’re late and have to book it). Your feet will no longer slide around in mushy sandals — you can break out those boots and sneakers and not feel like your feet are suffocating. I hate sweating. I really, really hate it. So the idea of walking to work in a light jacket and not having to pack extra deodorant makes me smile from ear to ear.

4) Long sleeves (and other cute fashion items): Even though I adore summer, there’s a lot of stuff I can’t wear during those lazy days. The fun part about fall is that we can now layer a cute shirt under a cute sweater and top the whole look off with an accent scarf or jean jacket. Boots, hats, tights, leggings, gloves…accessorizing is so much more fun when you can wear different colors and materials. Plus, does anyone else feel slightly naked walking down the street without a jacket? For some reason, I always feel just the tiniest bit more secure when I’ve got a jacket between me and the world.

3) No more bathing suit stress: Now that fall is here, the TV and magazines will stop harping about “getting that bikini body!” and let us walk around without constantly wondering if our thighs are wobbly. It’s good to be healthy, but it’s not good to obsess, and summer never fails to make a lot of us obsess about how our bodies looks scantily-clad. I, for one, am supremely glad shorts are going to fade away with summer’s memory. I have never successfully looked good in a pair of ’em. Ever.

2) Halloween and Thanksgiving: A lot of people think Halloween is for little kids, but as a twenty-five year old adult, I’m proud to say that it’s my favorite holiday. There isn’t a giant materialistic stigma attached to it (unless you order that $200 costume), and dressing up is just plain fun. Plus, there’s candy and pumpkin flavored beer and cute guys dressed as Spartans running around (oh, come on, am I the only one who’s made out with a guy in a dress two Halloweens in a row?). A few weeks after Halloween comes Thanksgiving (for all of our American readers), and really, how can a holiday dedicated to food not be awesome? Sitting around all day, smelling turkey and potatoes and yams, and then eating until you feel dizzy? Not the way to live your life every day — but once a year? Heaven.

1) Fall Scrumptiousness (apples, pumpkins, cider, flavored beer, hot foods): Maybe it’s because I’m originally from New England, but I am absolutely obsessed with fall foods. If you’ve ever had a MacIntosh apple in early October you know there’s pretty much nothing sweeter, and going to a bar on a chilly night and ordering a spiked cider or Hot Toddy is not only cool and retro, but it warms you up all night. I could eat pumpkin pie all day long, and throughly enjoy those illustrious Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes. Also, soups and stews are incredibly easy to make, but not always on the top of your list after a 95 degree day. During the fall, a simple hot meal with a piece of crusty bread is the fastest way to pure happines.