Bad News, Ed Westwick Lovers

Ed Westwick is hot. We know you think so. And we think so too.
We also think that a threesome with him and Chase Crawford could go down as one of the best nights of any woman’s life.
But, thanks to Drew Barrymore, that will not be happening any time soon. It seems the former Mrs. Mac has moved on from her boyishly cute ex (Justin Long); last night she was spotted locking lips with the one and only Ed Westwick. Who, by the way, is like 20 years younger than her.
It’s ok, though; at the same party where Drew and Ed were caught making out, Ed was also spotted in leather pants and a purple fanny pack. And he was not being dressed by the costume peeps at Gossip Girl. He actually chose to wear that.
Let’s just hope Barrymore keeps her slutty Mrs. Robinson paws off of Chase Crawford. If he wants an older woman, that woman is going to be me, damnit.

The New and Improved Penny?
The New and Improved Penny?
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