Candy Dish: Why Is Kim Kardashian Famous?

Kim Kardashian addresses life’s biggest issues….on video.
Splenda may kill you, but it’s not as bad as the other stuff you’re using!
A how-to guide for sex in some very public places.
The 12 Types of Beer Pong Players.
Prada runway roadkill.
Funniest ad ever…or most offensive?
Melissa Joan Hart can’t even get on Dancing With The Stars? HAHA.
In case you were wondering: Martha Stewart’s thoughts on long weiners
Mmmmm. Breast milk ice cream?
The Britney Spears comeback continues. Next up: sell the house.
Nick Hogan is gettin’ out of the clink early. Shocking!
Mama Spears always has something to say.

Bad News, Ed Westwick Lovers
Bad News, Ed Westwick Lovers
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