Rock The Look: Jumpers

[Do you ever feel like you can’t pull something off? Have trendy pieces in your closet that you would never have the courage to actually wear out? Well take those pieces out, shake off the dust, and continue reading!
In this series, I will choose a different piece that can be difficult to incorporate into an outfit and give you ideas on how to wear it. If there’s anything you would like to read about in the future, please leave a comment!]
Jumper dresses and jumpers are going to be go-to pieces for many fashionistas this fall. The trend is sweeping the nation from runways to hallways. It combines playfulness (remember how you used to wear the little kid versions in grade school?) with high fashion to create a perfect look for the new season.
Since layering is always big in the cold weather months, and they are so perfect for layering, this is definitely a piece you will want to incorporate into your wardrobe.
But what on earth do you wear with this trendy piece? Here are seven ways you can rock this look. You can work em alone, or try combining them for the ultimate in fall fashion:
1. Layer with a Turtleneck. Perfect for chilly days (or covering up a hickey), this look is very chic yet understated. The model wearing this Calvin Klein jumper (available at Nordstrom) pulls the look off perfectly.

2. Layer with a collared shirt: Adding a simple collared shirt under a jumper dress makes it look very mature and sophisticated without looking old lady-ish. Copy these looks from Urban Outfitters (left) and Guess (right).

3. Layer with a plain t-shirt: Pair a jumper, like this Sonia Rykiel dress from Nordstrom, with a plain t-shirt and you’ve got the perfect laid back yet fashion forward outfit to wear to class.

4. Layer with Black Tights: Keep your legs warm and dress up your jumper like the model in this ITW by Claude Brown dress from Bloomingdales. Perfect for a cold walk to class or night on the town.

5. Layer with Bright Tights: If you want to make a bolder statement, wear colored tights under a solid black jumper. My favorite colors for this look are blue and pink, but red or green tights also look awesome. This jumper and the tights are from Delia’s.

6. Pair it with the Perfect Shoe: Sophisticated pumps or flat boots complete this ensemble. Pumps look great with all styles, but boots should only be worn with the non-suspender styles. I love these lace up black pumps from Aldo, as well as these brown boots.

7. Layer with a Sweater: If you need something to layer over a jumper for extra warmth, a cardigan is definitely the way to go. It should be worn unbuttoned and it should be long enough to reach the top to middle of your thighs. This cardigan from American Eagle would be perfect.

If you love all of these looks but need something a little cheaper, this jumper from Charlotte Russe is only $26.99. Pick up a plain white t-shirt from H&M and black tights from your local CVS/Rite Aid/etc. and you’ve got the look! Or for a more wintery look, check out this adorable sweater jumper dress from Victoria’s Secret, which is only $45.

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