The New and Improved Penny?

It’s Wednesday – basically the worst day of the week. You feel like you have done so much already, yet you still have so much of the week left to go. Depressing, eh?And today is even worse! There is literally nothing going on on the internet. I have spent the past 35 minutes looking for fun things to keep me occupied during this awful Stats lecture and all I could find that didn’t involve the bleak economy and the fact that everyone is about to get royally f–ked is this:
The New Penny!
The government has decided to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday by printing new designs on the back of the penny. Maybe this is their way to take the focus off the fact that the only money anyone has right now is pennies? Or maybe they are trying to make the penny more appealing for people to use in drinking games? (Lord knows I’ve lost hundreds of dollars worth of quarters by now…)
I mean, I get it, but it’s the PENNY. The most useless coin ever. Isn’t it bad enough that the poor guy has to be the face of this thing? Now we have to remind everyone?
And, HELLO, it costs more to make a penny than the damn thing is worth!
I just can’t wait for everyone to start collecting these things like they did when the state quarters came out. In 10 years those collections will be worth…$.04!!
If you find anything more interesting for me to be doing with my time right now, let me know via the comments. All this “margin of error” bullsh*t is putting me to sleep.

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Why Do Men Cheat? Because We Freaking LET THEM
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