Um, Okay: McCain Suspends His Campagin (for now)

In a sudden turn of events, John McCain has announced that he is suspending his campaign — putting a stop to advertising and events — until the sticky and possibly ugly Wall Street situation gets ironed out.  Obama and McCain were supposed to debate on Friday, but apparently, this credit crises is so blindingly awful that McCain can’t concentrate on anything except…helping it get fixed…by not spending his own money…?
(We’re still a little confused.)
According to, Obama and McCain had been discussing the possibility of postponing their campaigns, but McCain’s announcement this evening caught Obama off-guard.  By being the first one to pull the plug, McCain has put Obama in a tricky situation; either he stops campaigning too, or continues and risks being seen as not focused enough on the economy.
McCain seems to want to help Congress figure out how to pass Bush’s $700 billion “save the stock market and morgages” proposal. Perhaps he wants to brainstorm in the room with everyone?  It could be that he’s decided to sell one of his houses and donate the money to our ginormous deficit.  Or, maybe he’s secretly auctioning off Cindy’s $300,000 popped collar outfit.
If you want our advice Johnny, start with the dress.  It’s kind of hideous.
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