It’s On: McDreamy Vs. McSteamy

So we watched the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy last night and we just don’t know how we feel. Izzie is annoying us already and Yang getting pierced by an icicle? In September?It all seems so….ER.
But the 2 hour episode wasn’t a total wash. Not with McDreamy and McSteamy roaming around the hospital. It really is a good thing there are two of them – you have a much better shot of having at least one of them in every scene. You have sweet, moral Derek saving lives in one scene, and then arrogant, brooding Dr. Sloan yelling at interns in the next. Scrumptious.
It really does make the 2 hours so much more bearable.
We just can’t tell which one we like more. Or if, like Chase and Ed, we’d take em both in a heartbeat.
What do you think?
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