It’s Time To Say Goodbye to the North Face Fleece

Put down the North Face. Seriously.
That overly priced piece of fleece has been cramping styles of college chicks nationwide for way too long. Not only is it boring and blah (and yes getting it in bumble-bee yellow still makes it blah) – but its making you that girl. You know who I’m talking about: The one who walks around campus in her big sunglasses, tight stretch pants, boots and… NORTH FACE FLEECE.
I’m not saying it’s horrible to be one of those girls – in fact I think these girls get a bad rap for being bitchy and spoiled when that isn’t the case (note: I was one of them). What I am saying is that if you’re going to spend the money on a piece of outerwear there are so many, MANY cuter, warmer, more original, not fleecy things to buy!
Trust me, I understand the “I’m hungover and want to wear sweats to class” line of thinking, I really do. But at least fool the outside world that you care…even a little… and switch up your NFF for an actual jacket or coat. This fall there are just so many cute styles that it’s simply a waste to not wear one of them!
Here are some options to consider when trading in your beloved North Face Fleece:

The Hooded Bomber Jacket

You can wear this to class or to the bars. Pair it with jeans, leggings, even sweats and it instantly screams “I’m super hot,” and, “Don’t mess with me, yo.”

The Vintage Swing Coat

This Yellow is a must-have color, and it adds color to even the palest, most hungover faces, convincing any professor that you are 100% mentally there.

The Best Bar Jacket

For $29.80 it’s A-OKAY if you lose it, spill on it, get sick on it, forget about it, etc.
When it comes to bar jackets you have to plan ahead; while you won’t want to freeze and NOT wear a coat (a mistake made by freshies nationwide), you also don’t want to wear your favorite Theory jacket only to have it be traded up by some other gal who wore her Forever 21 jacket, saw yours shoved in a corner and grabbed it at the end of the night “by mistake.”

The “I’m going to be presentable” Jacket

This jacket- which comes in a bunch of colors – is great for class OR for meeting your boyfriends great Aunt Jane in. It’s tailored but still youthful and just. so. cute.

The Comfortable Alternative

If you must be comfortable at least be original.

The Military Coat

I love it. I love it. I love it. Enough said.

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