Nailing It: Nail Polish Trends, Fall 2008

School’s back in session, the temperature is dropping and those wistful days at the beach are behind us — yes, fall has returned. (Is it just me or does time seem to go faster each year? Sigh.) Unfortunately, that means the cold’ll be knockin’ at our doors soon, and hitting the books has become a necessity once again.
But it also means new trends – not only in fashion, but in beauty as well.
It’s time to throw out those bright nail colors of the summer and transition back into the darker hues of fall and winter.
Purple Reign
Purple is one of the most popular colors of the season when it comes to clothing, and the same can be said for nails. Instead of the bright purples and lavendars we saw for spring and summer, look for deep shades like plum, aubergine and violet. OPI has a new French-inspired collection and also recently teamed up with Sephora to create some beautiful shades, perfect for the Fall. I’m loving Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not (a gorgeous royal purple) and Don’t Go There (a lovely muted violet). I also love Rock Royalty by Creative Nail Design, it’s a beautiful deep purple shade.

Chocoholics Anonymous
A new trend for this season, and a fun twist on the popular black nail polish, is to go the chocolate brown route. Brown nails look classic and the earthiness softens them, making them a great way to get into the autumn mood. Some of my favorite browns out there are Essie’s Wicked and Priceless, China Glaze Unplugged, Avon’s Deluxe Chocolate and OPI’s Espresso Your Style! (several of these also have a great metallic hue, another trend for fall). Jan Arnold, co-founder of Creative Nail Design suggests having rounded square nails that extend just past the tip of the finger for this trend.

Precious Metals
Metallics are another popular trend in nails this fall, whether you go with gold, bronze or copper tones, or if you infuse the metallic trend into the colors of the season (purples, browns, greys, etc.). Chanel came out with, D’or Gold Fiction, a new limited edition, high-in-demand gold polish that is extremely pricey ($30!!!), but most nail polish lines carry their own versions of gold that can look similar with an extra coat or two. Try OPI, or China Glaze’s new collection for the fall called Rodeo Diva. It really plays up on the metallic trend and you can find all sorts of colors, from green to brown to another gorgeous purple hue. You can see swatches of this collection here and here.

Vamp It Up
As is always the case with fall, vampish tones like black, wines and deep, deep reds will be popular this year. From OPI’s new La Collection de France, We’ll Always Have Paris is perfect for the fall as is Lippman Collection’s Pump Up The Jam. Of course, these deep reds and blacks are easy to find in any collection, so just check your local drugstore.

Earl Gray
The last major trend for fall is grays. Gray is always a huge color on the runways and it’s trickled down to fingernails. From soft grays all the way to gunmetal, you’ll be seeing these everywhere. For more muted grays, OPI/Sephora’s new collection has Metro Chic a matte, purplish-grey. OPI’s French Collection has You Don’t Know Jacques, and Rescue Beauty Lounge has Concrete Jungle. For more metallic grays try Revlon’s Dark Pleasures line in Steel-Eto, Patent Leather or Talk Dirty or Color Club’s After Hours. Plenty of other collections are sure to have different hues of gray so keep your eyes open.

Fall is a great chance to let your darker side out, so grow your nails out a bit, slap on some dark polish, and show ‘em your inner demon.

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