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Better Than Hot Chocolate, Sex Positions to Warm You Up


As we slowly transition into fall, there’s a ton of things we can do to warm ourselves up during this chilly season. Some like to throw on a comfortable hoodie, others grab a warm mug of cider. My own secret for staying warm? Trying out a couple hot sex positions.

There’s a few positions my boytoy and I absolutely looove that guarantee to keep our body heat blazing during those cold fall nights.

One great position that’ll get your temperatures rising is the spoon. This is perfect for when the two of you are just cuddling away under the blankets but still feel like getting frisky. While Cosmo recommends the dude half-kneel behind you, my guy and I like to just stay side by side with one of his hands on my waist to keep the rhythm. The guy lifting your top leg is optional too. If you don’t feel like having your leg dangling in the air, keep your legs down but knees slightly apart for a tighter fit. Instant warmth, no hot chocolate needed.

Still chilly? Time to heat things up with some shower sex! Sex in the shower is fun but a little tricky since there’s always the chance of one somebody slipping. The right position for this small space is debatable, but I found the best way is for the girl to be bent over with her hands on the walls for support while the guy stands behind her. You can also try with the girl’s back against the wall and one of her legs wrapped around the guy’s waist, but its harder for her to keep her balance. Any way you want to try, shower sex makes for a steaming hot time. With this combo of hot water and sweet lovin’, anyone can forget that fall is rolling on in.

When a cold night strikes, a little body heat can go a long way. Trying girl-on-top, with a twist, creates the perfect friction to keep you two toasty all night long. Instead of the girl sitting straight up, she can move so she is horizontally laying over the guy. Adding a blanket over the top creates a nice warm cave for the two of you, but with the heat of your bodies you might not even need it. Another variation is to have the man do most of the work by slightly raising his knees while the girl on top leans over him. No matter how your rubbing, you two will be creating your own fire in no time.

Just because its getting colder out doesn’t mean you have to stop the heat from your sex life! Go grab your boy and start warming up.