Kimmy, I’m Disappointed: “Dancing” With The Stars

Season 7 of Dancing with the Stars is underway with a plethora of “stars” whose dancing abilities are, well, not that hot. Granted, that is part of its entertainment factor, but I must say I was absolutely shocked at how un-sexy Kim Kardashian is — at least when she’s dancing.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Kimmy K, she’s like #1 on my girl crush list, but during her mambo routine last week with partner, Mark Ballas, Kimmy showed that even though baby’s got back, baby can’t shake it. For being the sex symbol she is, I’m surprised she can’t shake the ass that made her so famous.
I mean, when 62-year-old Susan Lucci generates more sex appeal in a dance than Kim Kardashian, something’s just not right. Personally, I’m pumped to see what happens on tonight’s episode. I hope Kim can redeem herself.

[Catch Dancing With The Stars tonight at 9 p.m on ABC]

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