This Week’s New Music and DVD Releases (9.30.08)

Hello CC readers!
It’s that time of the week where new music and new DVD releases hit the shelves of your local Best Buy and Target! In the mist of all this financial mess, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a new movie or CD (or just download them from iTunes).
There are quite of few new DVD releases coming out today, but only the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the action packed Iron Man matter.
The new music releases are a different story, depending on what kind of music you like. The list of new albums is as follows:

T.I. – Paper Trail
Amon Amarth –
Twilight of the Thunder God
Anberlin –
New Surrender
Bayside –
Flecktones –
Jingle All the Way
Ben Folds –
Way To Normal
Jack’s Mannequin –
The Glass Passenger
Polysics –
We Ate The Machine
Porter Batiste Stoltz – MOODOO
Pete Seeger –
At 89
T-Pain –
Thr33 Ringz
Connie Talbot –
Over the Rainbow
James Taylor –
Well, there you have it, all the new music and DVD you can handle for the week! Let me know if there is any indie music/movies being released that’s not on the list…

What DVD or CD are you going to purchases this week?

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Economy Shmoshamomy: Let’s Watch A Baby Video!
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