Calling All Hippies: Phish to Reunite for March Concert

I remember my first Phish concert.  It was a warm fall day during my high school years, and I drove up to what used to be called the Tweeter Center in Massachusetts with a bunch of tie-dye wearing friends.  Unbeknownced to me, I was the only one in my group not completely high off my ass on drugs, but the concert was awesome just the same — even if we paid like $50 for seats in the dirt.

Riding back at 2 AM that morning (because Phish played for 4 hours, obvi), I distinctly remember listening to the friend of mine who was driving yell at himself the entire way home in an attempt to stay awake.  I probably should have been scared then, but I wasn’t, because Phish had been so awesome.

When they broke up I was totally bummed, but now it seems like everyone’s favorite jam band is back for 3 concerts in March at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia.  General admission tickets go on sale October 1st, but if you can’t make it to these weed-filled soirees, don’t worry, sources are saying the band will announce additional tour dates soon.

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