Start October Off Right with a Personal Astrology Chart!

It’s October 1st!  You know what we always do on the 1st of the month?  Check our Horoscopes.  Yeah, yeah, some people totally think they’re a waste of time, but we at CC can’t resist a little star-inclined advice.  Besides, who doesn’t want to hear that their love life may be “improving mid-month”?  Hope keeps us alive, baby!

Jacy Nova, the resident astrologer for (a CC editor fave), recently opened up to us about her site, herself, and why Astrology is so damn popular.

Growing up in a house where psychic ability was the norm (Nova’s mother would routinely do readings for friends and family), Jacy learned how to take a “lighthearted” approach to her gift, as well as how to cultivate it into something more than just the occasional tarot card reading for a friend.  In addition to writing the celebrity gossip / dating / Astrology hybrid of Astrochicks, Jacy also gives “chart readings” to interested individuals.

According to Jacy, a chart (based on your birth-date, birth time, and where you were born), is like a “weather report” for your life and possible future, although she maintains that everyone has free will and nothing in the chart is written in stone.  Basically, an Astrology chart is a great way to understand yourself a little better while also possibly getting a glimpse of what’s to come…

Because it’s October 1st, and because Jacy is awesome, she’s announced that she’ll give CC readers a discount when it comes to her uber fun charts (one of us recently had ours done by Jacy and it was a serious trip)!  Just email Jacy and tell her you saw this article on CC, and you’ll get a chart for $20, a personal half hour reading for $35, or a hour reading for $60.

Whether or not you believe in Astrology, you gotta admit that speculation about your future is lot more fun than speculation about Wall Street, the economy, or which politician is gonna let us down first. Plus, check back for Jacy’s periodic CC-certified horoscopes and other fun astrology buzz that will be invading our site soon!

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