Talk to you NEVER: Paris Hilton’s ‘My New BFF’ is Just as Bad as You Think

‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF‘ premiered last night on MTV and I think I lost some serious brain cells after watching it. …Though I have to admit, it was mildly entertaining.

The things certain people will do to be friends with this hotel heiress are both pathetic and inherently watchable.

In the premiere episode, Paris gave her flying monkeys a head-to-toe makeover. Three of the contestants refused to do it and I was torn between yelling “Paris told you to do it, so DO IT!” and “You go girl! And Boy! Stick your guns!”

In the end, it was between I-refuse-to-change-my-hair Michelle and I-wanna-go-home Kiki. Paris ended up giving Michelle the dreaded TTYN (“talk to you never”) as  Kiki stormed off mumbling “Fake bitches”, leaving the rest of the girls looking rather confused.

Guess people will do anything for their 15 minutes.

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