Giving Crazy Cat Ladies a Run for Their Money…

Every time we pass a cute kitten in a pet store and have a momentary desire to take it home, we immediately flash forward to our future: Oprah, a housecoat, macaroni and cheese and 13 cats roaming around our small, one bedroom apartment.
And it scares the crap out of us.
But now we realize that crazy cat ladies have nothing on a new breed of wackadoodle: fake baby lovers.
These crazies have been all over the news lately after a recent BBC documentary aired. Basically, these women buy real-looking baby dolls and treat them like they are real. They put them in car seats, buy them cribs and take them places like a real FREAKING CHILD.
Only they are not real. They are dolls.
And these women are nuts. Just watch that video. You will never look at Cabbage Patch Kids the same way again.
The good news to come from all this is that maybe we can all buy cats now without fear of that slippery slope into spinsterhood. The bad news is that I have to rid my apartment of any and all stuffed animals out of terror that I may become a crazy fake baby lady if I don’t get a boyfriend soon.

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