J. Piv, Don’t Make Us Relinquish Our Love For You…

So yeah. At least for the past week, we’ve been featuring Jeremy Piven a good amount on our site. Why? Mostly because we’re suckers for a well placed smirk, but also because it’s kind of funny to have Entourage‘s Ari Gold as your mascot.
But we just might reconsider our devotion if reports like this keep coming out.
According to PrettyBoring, our precious Piven was “doing his best” to mack on 19-year-old Hayden Panettiere at some post-Emmy party a few weeks back. Although there’s no source linked out to the report, if this is true, we will be pissed because A) Hayen in 19 years old. We’re in our mid-twenties, Piven can totally make us his May-December, but he should really stay away from a girl who is still two years too young to legally drink, and B) she’s already in a relationship with that weird looking guy from Heroes. Everyone knows that.
Lots of people who write blogs seem to think J. Piv is a prime assh*le. We’re going to hold out until there’s actual taped proof (you know how some people won’t believe in God until they see his face in a grilled cheese sandwich?), and until that day…we’ll love every possibly smarmy inch of him.

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