The VP Debate Drinking Game!

In case you haven’t heard, tonight is the biggest, baddest and most important VP debate EVER.
And nothing goes better with big, bad and important events quite like drinking games. We at CC have created a drinking game worthy of the event, so grab your friends (bonus if they are on the other team…it just makes everything more fun), all the essentials, and get your political game on!
What you will need:
Beer: 2 kinds are necessary: a quality brew of your choice, and a blue-collar variety (we prefer PBR).
Vodka: Stoli, straight from Palin’s neighbor, Russia, is best
A stack of dollar bills: You know you’ve been storing your money under the mattress lately, anyway.
A cheap bottle of wine
A tube of lipstick

The Rules:
Every time Sarah Palin:
– Mentions Russia: take a shot of Vodka
– Dances around an answer/rambles on about nonsense: chug your beer
– Mentions her children: take a drink
– Mentions hockey moms/being a hockey mom: put on some lipstick and drink
– Makes reference to the inexperience of Barack Obama: chug your beer
– Mentions doing everything we have to do to protect Democracy in the Middle East: punch your neighbor and drink their beer
– Changes the subject from something politically relevant and important to something about the Middle East or Oil: drink while chanting, “AMERICA IS #1!”
– Mentions the Bridge to Nowhere: scream, “Thanks but no thanks,” and take a shot of vodka. Then tell everyone you didn’t take a shot of vodka.
Every time Joe Biden:
– Mentions Scranton, PA: chug your beer
– Mentions taking the train home every night: drink
– Offers reasons why he can identify with the middle class: chug a PBR
– Says something really dumb that could potentially ruin his career: drink
– Backs off out of fear of looking like a villain who hates women: call him a pussy and sip a glass of red wine (with your pinky up).
– Mentions Sarah Palin’s lack of experience: drink
– Looks visibly pained by the sound of Palin’s voice: take 2 shots of Vodka (and consider a few Advil, too)
Every time either candidate:
– Mentions the current economic crisis/bailout plan: make it rain and chug some beer
– Mentions “Wall Street and Main Street”: chug a beer (PBR preferred)
– Cuts the other one off: drink twice
– Bashes George W. Bush: put on some music and dance
The debate is on at 9pm tonight, so pack up the books and gather round the tele. This is gonna be good.

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Giving Crazy Cat Ladies a Run for Their Money…
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