Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Fashion Police THIS

Every week I scour the net for celebrity looks I adore. Then I scour the net for cheaper versions of said celeb styles. Usually, I go for something trendy or chic, or something for a night out.
But then I saw this picture of Kylie Minogue. And my world changed. (JK- how pathetic would that be! But it did scream Perfect Balance!)
And so I thought, why not copy this look for you and maybe, just maybe, YOUR world would change too!
Because now dear readers, you can finally achieve that look we all strive for: the one that is that perfect blend of looking put together yet disheveled at the same time. A harmonious ensemble that clearly says “I care about your class, Professor Stein… but not that much, cute boy who sits behind me in lecture.”

So this week, I bring you: Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Fashion POLICE This!

“Vintage” Raglan T

It’s an understood rule among girls that you never really listened to that band you are wearing a “vintage” shirt of… but your dad did back in the days when he was smoking pot and not wearing deodorant, so that makes it totally acceptable. And, you know, cooool. It’s also comfy, cute and an awesome throwback.

Ray-Ban Style Glasses

I love them, but since God blessed (?) me with a large face/head I sadly can not wear them. So I will live vicariously through you, small faced people of the blogosphere. Rock them in an array of colors- or stick with the solid black.

Skinny Jeans

These are great to tuck in to boots all season long


It’s yellow and it’s hounds tooth and I covet this scarf. And for $4.80 I don’t feel bad about having it… and then being sick of it in a month.

Moccasin Boots

Sure other writers on this site despise them, but I for one think they are adorable. And besides – it makes your look A Little Bit Country (or is it Indian?) and a Little Bit Rock and Roll. Sign me Up.

Black Hobo

Okay so first of all this one is patent. It’s also black and navy. And it’s 12.99. Yes twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents. And it’s so-cute-it makes me think we should dedicate our site to being the fansite of ‘this bag’ instead of Jeremy Piven. Thoughts?!

Gay Virginity For Sale!
Gay Virginity For Sale!
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