Friday Night is Movie Night: This Week’s New Releases!

The weekend is finally here!  After five long, tiring days of work, school, and fixing all of your friends’ problems, Saturday and Sundare are here to save you.
What better way to kick off your two days of freedom than by going to see some new movies?  You may have caught the previews for some of these, but all of them are out today…
Nick and Nora’s Infinite PlaylistIf you loved Juno, you’ll like this movie
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
This is for all the animal lovers out there
How To lose Friends and Alienate People
Possibly your life, in a movie starring Kristin Dunst
An American Carol
A spoof on Michael Moore and his fims. Pure satire comedy!
Flash of GeniusA Man Against Machine docudrama
Blindness is contagious
Rachael Getting Married
Family drama and a wedding, what more can you ask for?
I wouldn’t be the movie buff that I am without saying my pick of the week, and sorry to tell you, it’s not Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, even though I am looking forward to seeing it. My pick is Blindness. This movie is so close to real life it’s scary, and it doesn’t hurt that Dr. Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy is in it.
So there you have it, the new releases for this week!  Now go grab your significant other, the one you’re hooking up with, or your best friends, and enjoy a movie tonight.

Yo, At Least No Birds Pooped On Our Heads This Week
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