Happy Friday!! Especially To Our Friends Who Are Batsh*t Insane!

Hey everyone! It’s Friday! It’s gonna be such a great day! I can feel it! I’d like to give a special shout out to the crazy guy I met this morning as I walked into work with the rest of the herd of New Yorkers! You were really cool, Crazy Guy! You shouted “F*CK” as loud as you possibly could behind me, and after jumping out of my skin, I made the silly mistake of looking back — just in case you were a person who had fallen and was in need of help.
But guess what? You didn’t need help! You hadn’t fallen! You were just crazy! And because I looked back, you decided to take your special brand of insane and run up to my ear and scream “F*CK” again as loud as humanly possible. I mean, I have never heard someone yell that loud before – in my ear no less! I thought I was going to have a heart attack and go deaf!
So special shout out to you, Crazy Insane F*ck Shouting guy! You really made my morning, and even made me spill my Dunkin Donuts coffee all over my leg in sheer terrified surprise. LOVE!

So, Who Won the VP Debate?
So, Who Won the VP Debate?
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