Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams To Take Adorable Relationship to Next Adorable Level?

Looks like it’s time to put away that life-sized poster of him you were painting, because Ryan Gosling might just be off the market. According to a few sources, including this one, Ryan recently bought a ring for on-off-on again girlfriend Rachel McAdams. They’ve also been seen checking out houses in LA and Toronto, Canada.
We’re not gonna lie, Gosling is one of our main “shrine-worthy” guys, so if he does get engaged, we will most likely cry a little bit in the corner, waving people away when they come to see what’s wrong, shouting “I’M FINE IT’S JUST DIRT IN MY EYE”…but after that’s done we’ll be happy for them.
[photo from celebrities.glam.com]

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