The CC Weekly Weigh In: All Is Fair In Love, Right?

There is a big difference between girls who are crazy and girls who do some crazy things. Right?
I mean, we’ve all done something a little…extreme when feelings were involved. It’s not our fault; our hearts were doin’ the talking.
And, yes, we may have “accidentally” dumped a drink on the girl our crush was flirting with at the bar, but it’s not like we cut off her ponytail when she wasn’t looking (although we may have considered it).
Everyone has been driven to the brink of insanity at some point in their lives, so in an effort to make ourselves feel a little less psycho-girly, we asked the CollegeCandy writers to weigh in on their deepest, darkest moments. Feel free to share your own crazy moments in the comments section. We won’t judge.
Julia – UC Berkeley: I’ve definitely pretended I was forming a study group to get the number of a hot guy in my class!

Alex – Cornell
: I’m a fantastic Facebook creeper. Even if I only get a first name, I can almost always find their profile. That’s the beauty of Thunder Bay! More specifically, I’ve drunkenly added bar makeouts; that’s just embarassing!
Lauren – University of Michigan: I may or may not have befriended every one of his roommates and friends just to get to him. And walked 15 mins out of my way to pass his house on the way to class in hopes he’d be walking out at the exact same time….
Erica – Kent State: I used to show up to all my crush’s parties because I was acquaintances with his roommates. I would then drunkenly stumble to one of his roommate’s bed to crash ..usually with a friend by my side…so I could wake up there in the morning & (hopefully) make him jealous! Creepy, I know. But I did usually get breakfast out of the deal…

J – NYU:
After graduating early, I knew I wanted to work at a ski resort. I had interviews at a few places, but there was one place in particular that a crush of mine was probably going to work. This place was in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, but because I worshiped the ground this guy walked on, I decided to take the job. Well, guess what? He never ended up working there. I partied with the cold, lonely, empty woods for 4 months.
Victoria: I flew my boyfriend and I to Paris as a spontaneous surprise. It was totally last minute, way over the top and as a college student, I certainly couldn’t afford it. I was head over heels in love, what can I say? Unfortunately, while the city of Paris has lasted through the years, our relationship did not.
Kari – FSU: A few gems from my high school freshman days: stealing my mom’s car (pre-driver’s license) to collect blades of grass from the soccer captain’s house, privately requesting that my Spanish teacher “forget” to return a collage of pictures that my crush made for an assignment, abusing my SGA position to re-arrange our homecoming ticket and date list so that our names matched up, and (as a collaborative effort with several other members of the cheerleading squad) using a friend’s parents’ private investigation software to research social security numbers–and therefore school i.d. numbers– to retrieve class schedules for more efficient between class stalking. I like to think of myself as a romantic.
Sarabeth – University of Texas: Senior year of high school I completely rearranged my class schedule to be with him. I even dropped French 3, which would’ve been an easy A, just so i could have theatre and English 4 with him.
Jill – University of Wisconsin: CHASED -yes, chased – a guy down the street to prevent him from driving drunk. You would think that would be the role of his friends, but I took it upon myself to chase him down… and in the process of running down the street at 3am my tanktop ended up at my belly button providing a free show for frat boys and hobos alike. No joke.
Carly- Grinnell: I once met a guy at a street intersection. He tried to talk to me, but I was too shy to respond and completely missed my opportunity to get to know him. Desperately afraid that I’d never see him again, I actually went back to the intersection the next morning and wrote him a message in purple chalk asking him to meet me next week at the same place and time. It worked… although I found out later that he never even saw the message; he just always crosses that intersection at that time every week. Who knew?!
K- NYU: Paid for a four-day vacation to see Dave Matthews (3 times), including a beachfront suite one night… on my new credit card. Because money’s no object when you’re in “love” right? We ended up fighting the entire time and don’t even speak anymore… and that debt took a long a** time to pay off. Jerk.
Melanie – Northeastern: Inexplicably (and drunkenly) threw and shattered my cellphone when we crossed paths at a party. Then yelled at everyone who tried to help fix it. Not my most intelligent moment.

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G.W.E.E.! Michael “Super Adorable” Cera
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