SNL Does it Again: The VP Debate

Since you were busy kicking a** in Flip Cup last night and not watching SNL (because, really, who watches it much anymore?), we thought we would bring you another pretty awesome Tina Fey/Sarah Palin skit. It may just be the only thing to help you through that Sunday morning hangover.
It doesn’t matter who you supported in the VP debate, the SNL cast pretty much nailed both candidates in this hilarious spoof on Thursday night’s spectacle. Including Joe Biden’s teeth; Sarah Palin’s bf, Joe Six Pack; and that crazy moderator.
Yet another reason why we totally heart Tina Fey. And want to be her. And sometimes dream about auditioning for SNL just to be near her. And maybe finding out where she lives so we can hug her.
What? Too far?

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