Candy Dish: Heidi Montag Makes Taco Bell Even Less Appealing

Spencer and Heidi keep talking. Burn hole in my brain.
Tom and Katie are still married…and happy.
Rhode Island mandates domestic violence education in schools.
Sarah Palin damns us all to hell. See ya there!
Lakisha Jones (from American Idol) got married…and everyone is really excited.
Leo can’t be anything but sexy.
No more sexy time for Brad and Angelina.
God, we wish we worked at airport security right about now.
Women don’t let this recession get in our way of beauty!
Justin Bobby and LC? NO WAY!
Happy (sorta) Birthday, Miley Cyrus!
Do you experience drunk-o-vision?
Amy Winehouse’s nose says, “I QUIT!”
Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz (fashion) emergency.
Did Joe Biden have a little work done? (We knew it!)

Voter Registration in Virginia Defies Expectations
Voter Registration in Virginia Defies Expectations
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