Skin Care: Don’t Believe What Those Bottle Tells Ya

Like most ladies, the way my face looks is pretty important to me. I like to minimize bright red zits, reduce the black circles under my eyes after a long night at the ‘brary, and generally not look like a 45 year old woman at the ripe old age of 22.
And like most ladies I load up on every product that will keep my face looking fresh, clean and daaaamn good.
But according to a recent article in The New York Times, most ladies are pretty dumb for buying into all that facial cream mumbo jumbo.
No matter how smart we are, we all want to believe that a skin cream can fix all of our problems. Yes, even relationship issues. And it doesn’t hurt when the beauty companies throw scientific terms into the mix, furthering our beliefs that this product is different, and that one really will work!
But if what all the experts in this article say is true, we could get the same effect from a wash cloth and some basic soap that we would get from purchasing a $40 bottle of “rejuvinating night cream.” The same goes for all those “cellular level cleansers,” “biomolecular” eyecreams, and that “microsmoothing” face serum.
Yes, the stuff works, but it really doesn’t take much to do what those bottles are doin’.
I don’t know about you, but I just feel sorta dumb. The cabinet under my sink is full of miracle bottles that promise to make me look like Jennifer Garner even after a night of binge drinking and dancing on tables. But it’s all a sham.
A big fat lie.
It looks like the only thing that we need to keep our faces lookin’ so fresh and so clean (clean) is a cheap bottle of soap and a nice thick layer of concealer.

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Join Me in Rocking the Vote for the First Time
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