Britney to “Womanize” 20/20 With Video Premiere

Everyone’s favorite celebrity train wreck is proving that she’s still chugging along on the pop star track this week. Britney Spears‘ new single, “Womanizer” has already been leaked and was even featured in last week’s episode of The Hills. But this Friday, she promises a REAL comeback when the video for “Womanizer” premieres on 20/20.
Yeah, I guess MTV was booked and VH1 wanted to squeeze in another season of The ’80s: Apparently The Greatest Decade Ever. So Brit Brit had to take her comeback vehicle over to that other prime-time music machine, 20/20.
As the world waits with bated breath for the visual celebration of “Womanizer,” let’s take a look at what we’re expecting from the video:
1) Gratuitous shots of Britney’s new-and-improved toned midsection
2) Slithering dance moves (either of the floor or pole variety)
3) Windblown hair and pouty face
4) Submissive guy candy
5) Some outrageous outfit (think “Oops I Did It Again”)

To see if our predictions come true, tune in this Friday to ABC at 10 pm.

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