Drunk Email No More With Mail Goggles!

Just when you thought Google couldn’t get any better, it comes out with a feature so mind-blowingly awesome that you don’t know how you lived without it until now.
Last night, my friend and I were GChatting while doing our homework, and she told me about a new feature that Google is adding to Gmail.  Somehow, those folks out in Silicon Valley figured out a way to curb inebriated emailing. The new feature, called Mail Goggles, is an application that can be enabled in your Gmail settings which asks you to perform a few math equations before sending out a message. The equations are simple multiplication, addition, and subtraction problems (never fear, no calculus here) that are just meant to verify if you’re of sound judgment.
When you activate the application, you can set the time of day it will be enabled; for instance, if you know you’re likely to send messages you may later regret after nights out with the girls, you can program Mail Goggles to activate between 1 and 5 am the Friday morning after Thirsty Thursdays.

Is that genius or what?

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