Equal Opportunity: Giant Sumo Girl Will Kick Your Ass

A 280 pound 14-year-old girl is set to be the youngest Australian to participate in the world wrestling sumo championships taking place in Estonia later this month.

Samantha-Jane Stacey, who eats “Weetbix and lasagna” to help her stay giant, says that a preexisting condition is to blame/is the reason she’s so sizeable for sumo. “I’m naturally a big girl. I don’t have to eat anything extra.” Stacey explains, “I have a medical condition that does not allow me to lose the weight. A side effect of that means I look obese. But I do have a healthy diet.”

While most women would probably freak the eff out if they had a disease that stopped them from losing weight (all those pumpkin muffins!), Samantha-Jane decided to use it to her benefit and spend her teenage years slamming other people down on mats. Well played, Samantha-Jane. Well played.

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