Hot New Music and DVD Releases for 10/7/2008

Hello CC readers! It is that time of the week yet again, where new DVDs and new CDs hit store shelves and you can nab em up for a fun night in, or a pre-party dance party!
I hope you all got your paycheck because the list this week is enticing. Ignore the recession and that “budget” you set (where all funds go to Coors and clothes); go ahead and splurge this week for a new CD or DVD, espesh my pick of the week:
The Happening (!!!)
I have loved M. Night Shyamalan films since The Sixth Sense, so obvi his latest DVD is a must-have.
Not a fan of M. Night’s crazy flicks? Don’t worry; here are a few other DVD releases to pick up this week:
You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (Adam Sandler as an Israeli fighting hair stylist? How could that not be awesome?
30 Rock: Season 2 (The perfect fix until the new season starts!)
Now for some serious tune-age. While I wish I could put every new release from every genre, there isn’t enough time or space. Here are some of the highlights:
No Molestar– Marco Antonio Solis
Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol 8 – Bob Dylan
Break Up the Concrete- The Pretenders
Dig Out Your Soul- Oasis
Closer- The Best of Sarah McLachlan
Live at Shea Stadium- The Clash
Greatest Hits- Tim McGraw
Forever More- Tesla
Well there you have it; if I missed a few, sorry. Which releases will you be takin’ home?

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