We Don’t Want No One-Minute Man: Breaking News on Premature Ejaculation

Every guy has their excuse for premature ejaculation (my ex blamed it on lack of sleep due to cramming for the GREs). But now, according to a recent study by Utrecht University in the Netherlands, men can legitimately blame genetics when they come up short.
In a survey of over 200 Dutch men, researchers compared average ejaculation times with men who suffered from “primary premature ejaculation” (meaning they’ve always been one-minute men) to others who had never exhibited such symptoms.  The researchers also tracked levels of the hormone seratonin in these men, and the study found that among primary premature ejaculators, the levels of seratonin in the brain were less active. As sexual psychotherapist Paula Hall explained it, “Premature ejaculation is definitely not purely psychological.”
But there’s, uh, good news as well. Looks like guys who finish first are often “excellent at playing tennis or computer games,” due to their naturally quick reflexes.  So if things aren’t spicy in the bedroom, perhaps a quick bout of MarioKart could boost your guy’s morale.
No word yet on whether this genetic cause for PE is good or bad for the ladies.  The news could give men another excuse (laaaame), or it could pave the road for better treatment.
What do you think?

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