Photographing Your Food = Weight Loss?

This is probably going to sound crazy to a lot of you, but I promise, the underlying principle of what I’m about to write is worth while.
According to, The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently did a little study about food consumption. The study required participants to take pictures of their food before eating it, which  would have sounded ridiculous 10 years ago, but let’s face it – digital cameras and Macbooks make it easier than ever to take pictures on a whim. After reviewing their findings,  researchers at Wisconsin-Madison concluded that photographing meals does in fact aid an individual in losing weight.
Do I think you should literally photograph all of your meals before eating?  I mean, not unless you’re compiling some sort of ironic food-on-the-table coffee-table book.  But I do think that you should take a mental picture of the things you eat before you eat them.
Ask yourself how the picture would look.
Would it show that your portions are too big? Would it show that you eat food that is essentially trash for your body?
Learning to adopt this habit before putting anything in your body will help you to really take pride in what (and how much) you put into your mouth. A lot of times we eat mindlessly and compulsively. This little trick is bound to help if you’ve got that problem.
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