Tiniest Dog Ever Can Fit In Your Shower Caddy

Japanese Pocket-Sized Dog! - video powered by Metacafe

If your college was anything like mine, dorm pets were a total no no.  I mean, people did it anyway (FYI: I don't care what you say or how often you clean that cage, hamsters f*cking SMELL), but if the college caught you with an animal in your room (and no, guys didn't count), you could be fined a pretty big fine and even kicked off campus.
Too bad this freaking tiny dog wasn't around back when I was in school.  You could hide this thing in the pocket of your skinny jeans. It's poor little brain is probably the size of a hazelnut, but if you like your animals miniaturized, then maybe you should hop on a plane to Japan and scope one out.

Vertigo or Unpopular-itus?
Vertigo or Unpopular-itus?
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