Thank God for Friday Happy Hour

Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday. That means the stock exchange is closed, which also means that the economy can’t crash for 2 whole days! Wahoo! Grab you’re your favorite snacks (fat is in!) and celebrate!
That is the best news we’ve heard all week, but that isn’t saying much after the week we’ve had:
Gay rights activists get locked out of a campus, a**holes continued to break girls’ hearts, celebs got all cocky on us, Joe Six Pack made an appearance, the presidential candidates “debated,” we had to watch Rachael Ray porn, Bubba had some transgender issues, our boyfriend posted that (PRIVATE) sex tape online, and I missed out on a fantastic opportunity to get with my campus’s most notorious man-whore.
But don’t worry; Barack Obama can make it all better! (No, that was not a political statement…that was a sexual one.)
Happy Friday, peeps.

The CC Weekly Weigh In: If I Were President…
The CC Weekly Weigh In: If I Were President…
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