The Pissed List:Killer Clouds, Angry Gov.’s and Drunken Lip Synching

[I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going gal, and try not to sweat the small stuff. But sometimes (ok, maybe slightly more often) the general cluelessness, carelessness and overall stupididty of some things and or/people really gets to me. I find that venting is the most efficient way to rid myself of the stress that idiots, wrong meal orders, lack of cell phone ettiquette and cheese flavored products (that don’t even contain any freaking cheese!) induce.
So, in an attempt to avoid an ulcer or an unfortuante road rage incident I vent to you, dear reader. Please feel free to join in and comment about anything–really, anything–that pissed. you. off. this week. Did your roommate leave dirty dishes all over your kitchen? Did your 8 am professor ‘forget’ to tell you class was cancelled? Did some girl on her cell with bad high-lights and tacky bumper stickers that say “angel” and other clever things cut you off today? Let it all hang out. I feel you.]
Songs about getting sh*t faced.
Young Rome’s, “I don’t care.” Buckcherry’s, “Too Drunk.” I mean, don’t get me wrong—I love drinking as much as the next gal, if not just a wee bit more – but aren’t there better things to sing about? Not only that, they’re exactly the kinds of songs my little cousin likes to rock out to—and jams like that can be emotionally scarring once you realize what they’re actually about. Any one remember “Too Close” by Next? I used to jam out to it in my Hanson Concert T, shouting “I can feel a little poke coming through on you.” I think I cried when my Mom told me why I couldn’t sing that anymore.
Rock of Love Charm School.
The “women” invited to be on this show already did enough damage to both my eyes and ears while I was forced to accept the fact that classless h*’s were now VH1’s go-to subject for television shows. And now they’re back. Every time I skim through my channels I will no doubt be accosted by never-ending reruns of hoochies/transvestites/alcoholic bimbo escapades. Exciting! And on top of their trampy, attention whoring antics, the woman who is supposedly teaching them the ways of the refined can be cited for such gems as: Nicole Kidman’s forehead looks like a fucking flatscreen TV!”
Killer Clouds on the Warpath.
I expect to see “toxic cloud escapes from lab to wreak havoc in a small town” stories on the Sci-Fi channel—not CNN. As if we didn’t have enough problems already, Americans can now add dense cloud of toxic gas moving close to the ground” to their list of things to worry about. Just north of
Pittsburgh, the cloud was actually found to be the evaporated form of a chemical “similar to sulfuric acid” (!!!) that had leaked out of a chemical plant. The death cloud forced about 2500 people out of their homes and is slowly moving west. So I guess if you live anywhere west of Pittsburgh it might be worth your while to buy a gas mask…
As someone still undecided about who I’ll cast my ballot for on Nov. 6th, I keep trying to tally the pros and cons for each candidate. The G.O.P. seems to be expediting my ‘cons’ list every way I turn, as the investigation into Governor Palin’s possible abuse of power investigation really heats up. Apparently, “Gov. Palin knowingly “permitted Todd to use the Governor’s office and the resources of the Governor’s office, including access to state employees, to continue to contact subordinate state employees in an effort to find some way to get Trooper Wooten fired.” BTDubs, Wooten is Palin’s ex bro-in-law, so appropriate the adjectives list for homegirl is now extended to: inexperienced, MILF, coached, and, um, vengeful?
Obnoxious Facebook Spam
Ok, I know I am not the only person who gets those STUPID messages from every guy who wants to be the next big club promoter. First of all, mastering the Long Island fist pump and the art of self tanning does not grant you almighty authority to tell me every.single.night. that you will be at the hottest club in town (consequently, it’s a different club every night…) Second of all, I have homework to do, a**holes. Please don’t remind me that I’m missing out on *THE HAWTEST DRINK SPECIALS IN TOWN $$– ALL LADIES DRINK FREE—AND FELLAS THEY’RE ALL FYNEEE.* And please STOP saying everything twice, all caps is unnecessary, and I still have no idea what you mean by “$1 wells shots and calls.”
Ok, your turn. What pissed you off this week, lovelies?

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