Candy Dish: Is This Joe Six Pack?

Hugh Jackman: the real Joe Six Pack?
Taylor Momson is not rexy, she’s just skinny!
Americans have terrible taste in movies.
Sarah Palin confirmed an SNL visit. Watch out, Tina.
McCain is gets a second chance on Letterman.
Cosmo’s hottest men on earth. (Editor’s Note: WHERE IS PIVEN?!)
5 things men buy to overcompensate make us think they are too cool for school.
Where in the world are the Jolie Pitts?
Gossip Girl heads to college.
Pumpkin Picking: the ultimate (celebrity) fall activity.
Paris Hilton lookin’ really good. (I know, I can’t believe it either!)
Mark Wahlberg hates SNL.
Tampons to go!
Shocker: Froot Loops is not good for you!

Amy Winehouse Loves Candy (and Drugs)
Amy Winehouse Loves Candy (and Drugs)
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