The Pros and Cons of Bangs

Bangs have certainly made a comeback. A year ago the word conjured up images of out-of-date eighties hairstyles – the kind you expected to see on women who were also still wearing shoulder pads. Big, curly hair was always topped off with the perfect pair of teased bangs.
But not anymore!
Now the hippest women in Hollywood are sporting the fringe. And as with every Hollywood trend, the general public (fabulous us) is always tempted to follow suit, despite the reprecussions. So for all of you toying with the idea of bangs, read the pros and cons before taking the plunge!
1. Instant Chic – As we are college students, ponytails are our hairstyle of choice. But with bangs, a ponytail can suddenly become stylish! If you only have a few moments in the morning for you hair, leave down your bangs and sweep back the rest of your hair for a quick, but classy style. I guarantee that you’ll always look polished unlike the rest of those hungover girls in your lecture hall.
2. Edginess – Even though bangs are quite popular now, they still give your look a sense of mysteriousness. (Yes, that is a word…now.) People tend to associate bangs with European models and super fashionable women (Daisy Lowe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, etc), so you are automatically clumped into that category too!
3. Coverage – Fact: bangs cover your forehead. And what else is potentially on your forehead? Acne and messy eyebrows. It’s not rocket science that with bangs people will not be able to see these little problems. I stumbled upon this genius of bangs in Edinburgh when I could not for the life of me find a tweezer. So I cut myself a pair of full on fringe and, Voila!, the issue was gone. Or at least hidden behind some fabulously chic new bangs.
1. They stick to your forehead – Find yourself in a bit of humidity and – BAM – your bangs are glued to your face. And working out? Don’t even think about leaving them flying free, unless you want to look like a greaseball. They’re going absorb the sweat from your face and get real ugly, real fast. And pinning them back becomes a total pain when you have to use 37 clips just to keep them off your face.
2. They get in your eyes – You never realize how fast hair grows until you get bangs. Trim them in the morning and by lunchtime they’re back in your line of vision! Which brings me to my next point…
3. Upkeep – You cannot be a low maintenance person and get bangs. They require constant trimming, straightening, gelling, etc. If you are already strapped for time in the morning, probably not a wise decision.
Just like most things in life, the glory of bangs comes at a price. But is it a price you are willing to pay? You tell us: are they worth the fuss or are we better off without em?

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