5 Signs Your Man Has Irritable Man Syndrome

Men are always complaining about women and PMS and all that jazz. To which I respond by hitting them…and then eating a candy bar. They just don’t understand; it’s not our fault that our hormones go completely nuts every month and make us want to scream/laugh/cry/murder someone/eat a cake in the span of about 4 minutes.
But maybe now they do?
According to Jed Diamond, there is a new syndrome being seen in men with symptoms similar to those of a PMS-y woman: Irritable Man Syndrome. Diamond claims this disorder sets in at about the same age as women go through menopause (40-55), but I am convinced it is affecting our college boys too…and not just on those days when their favorite football team just lost a big game.
While you may be tempted to dump this dude’s ass for his strange (and pathetic) behavior, you should be patient: it’s clinical and he, like you, just can’t help it.
Below are 5 signs your man is in the throes of Irritable Man Syndrome.
1. You find him next to his mini fridge eating frosting out of the tub with a spoon. He may or may not be crying.
2. He weeps silently at Jiff commercials.
3. He snaps at you when you offer to help him with his Stats homework. “WHAT?! You think I can’t handle it on my own!?”
4. He’s never in the mood for sex anymore. Not even on the dryer. Not even when you are wearing that sexy low-cut top he used to love so much. Not even when you invite another girl into the mix.
5. He would rather watch The Notebook alone than go to a football game with you.
If you find your man in any or all of the above situations, just sit tight. It will all be over soon….at least for this month.

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