Encouraging Your Guy To Get A “Happy Ending”? Uh, No.

You’ve probably heard of a “happy ending” massage, and if you haven’t, what the hell kind of PG-rated world are you living in? As weird and dirty as I think they are (how many people have been jacked off in that room. Seriously?), if dudes (and yes, some women) want to have a stranger who probably hates their job help them orgasm, then whatever. Go for it.
But allowing your husband to get one? Encouraging and then laughing with him about it afterwards? Telling him how cute it was that he had a hard time finding someone to finally do it?
Now, I’m not one of those rabid girlfriends who beats their boyfriend for accidentally checking out the boobs of another woman — hell, I’m not even one of those girls who won’t let her dude go to a strip club — but I really don’t think I’d spend my time convincing my husband to let some other chick give him a handjob for $55 with tip.
My reasoning is less about the possibility of him getting ideas and then cheating (I believe if a guy is gonna cheat he’s gonna cheat, no matter what you say or do), and more about the weirdness of encouraging a husband to seek outside sexual gratification. I mean, if I’m his wife, shouldn’t I be the one providing all the sex acts? Is that what you kind of promise when you get married — that you’re the one who will be giving all the handjobs from now on?

What do you think? If you were married, would you encourage your guy to get a “happy ending”?

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