Hallow-THEME: Costumes for Your Whole Clique

Sometimes, it’s not enough to make your own fab entrance at a Halloween Party; you and your whole crew need to be noticed. On the other hand, sometimes your crazy costume idea is so unique that nobody will get it… unless your faves are by your side to complete the picture. Want to make the biggest splash this Halloween (and have some killer bonding time with your buds as you shop, create, and play dress up)? Here are just a few ideas for some great group costumes. And most of them can be done on a budget!

1. Barbie Dolls That Never Made it to the Shelves
The group Barbie theme has been done. See Never Been Kissed. But this theme allows you to showcase your creativity, your ingenuity, and… all the random shizz in your closet. On a budget? You can probably still throw together “Trailer Park Barbie,” “Sexually Confused Barbie,” or “S & M Barbie.”
Bonus: You can bring your guy friends along, if they dare to dress as “Transexual Barbie,” or “Gamer-Geek Ken.”
Also try: Britney Spears Through the Years: From “Hit Me One More Time Britney” to “Nearly-Naked VMA Britney” to “Preggers and Smoking Britney” to “Just Shaved My Head Because I’m Effing Nuts Britney.”
2. The Seven Deadly Sins
You can get totally creative this one AND vamp up your costume as much as your modesty (or lack thereof) allows. “Envy” can glam it up in glittery green; “Greed” can play with a strategic placement of fake dollar bills; “Lust” can take creative license in pretty much any direction.
Bonus: You can also take wordplay into consideration: “Gluttony” doesn’t have to involve food… dress like a dominatrix and make “I’m a glutton for punishment” your pick-up line of the evening.
Also try: The Seven Wonders of the World.
3. Game Show Contestants
This idea can be the easiest group costume out there. In a rut? Buy solid-colored t-shirts and draw the show’s logo on them. The Nickelodeon shows we all grew up on will bring back enough nostalgia to make hoards of slurring guys approach you to say “Man, I used to love Super Sloppy Double Dare!” or “Global Guts rules!”
Bonus: This idea can work for coed groups with ease.
Also try: Game pieces. You know, like Monopoly pieces or playing card characters.
4. Comic Book Heroes and Villains
Some ideas that instantly come to mind: X-Men‘s Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine, or Cyclops; Batman‘s Batman (obvi), Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, Joker, Riddler; Spiderman‘s Spidey, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Mary Jane; The Fantastic Four. This one might be a bit pricey, but the possibilities are endless.
Bonus: The other partygoers are bound to get it, no matter how many shots of Tarantula they’ve imbibed.
Also Try: Heroes, Harry Potter; Superheroes that Didn’t Make it into Marvel Comics.
5. Television or Movie Ensembles…from the 80’s and 90’s
Take advantage of the unique physical attributes of all of your friends and combine it with the fun of puffy sleeves, leg warmers, and Hammer pants. Think of The Breakfast Club and choose a rebel, a jock, a princess, a freak, and a nerd. Get outrageous with a Clueless theme, or accessorize with a Z-Morris cell phone and go Saved by the Bell.
Bonus: You’ll have an excuse to host a marathon of My So-Called Life or the original 90210 in order to brainstorm some costume ideas.
Also Try: TV families: The Simpsons. Family Guy‘s The Griffins. The Osbournes. The Kardashians.
6. Video Game Characters
Come on, kids. You’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your college education, and you can’t come up with a way to turn to your empty thirty-rack cases into a Mario Kart vehicle or your pillowcase into Toadstool’s mushroom cap? Mario. Luigi. Princess. Toad. Bowser. Yoshi. Donkey Kong. What are you waiting for? Get crafting!

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