Need a New Computer? Big Mac Announcement Today!

Is your laptop super old (like, from freshman year?!) and super slow?

Did you spill beer on your computer last time you had people over to pre-party?

Did your drunk roommate accidentally confuse your desk for the bathroom?

In other words, do you need a new laptop? Or, maybe, just really, really want one?

Good news: Apple is announcing (right now, in fact!) their newest MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Yes, sucks for me and my MacBook purchase back in June, but not for you, college student who totally can get a sweet new laptop today! I am totes living vicariously through you.

Rumor has it that there is gonna be some touchscreen technology just like the iPhone/iPod Touch (!!!) and maybe some extra memory (boring). If you are dorky like we are, you can follow the entire announcement/meeting thingy online, or just check out the Apple Store later.

What great news for a Tuesday. Steve Jobs is always the light at the end of a very dark, depressing and economically crumbling tunnel.

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