OMFG: Is LC Leaving The Hills!?

I’m having a breakdown. I can’t breathe. OMG. I am so upset I am eating a slice of cake.

Could the rumors be true?

Is Lauren Conrad packing up and moving out of The Hills?

LC recently stated, “It’s coming to a point where I love this show so much, but I’m ready to kind of walk away. I’ve been doing it for five years now. Five years on TV is a really, really long time.”

True story, LC. Not to mention the fact that the show is slightly unbelievable these days. Come on; why are you still going to school? You just presented a freaking EMMY! How is the show your real life when you are a celeb in real life, not a struggling college student interning for a monster? And it is kind of annoying that we are all forced to pretend to wonder what happens with you and your friends/boy toys when you are all over the gossip mags/websites/etc.

But still – I am totally crying.

If Lauren leaves the show, that means there will be. no. show. And that means that I will have nothing to live for (besides Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, and The Office, of course). Who will I tear apart every week if Heidi and Spencer are no longer on TV? How will I feel better about myself if I don’t have Stephanie Pratt to compare myself to?

How will I go on?

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