Project Runway Rundown: The Big Finale

Tonight was a big night with big decisions: Do I watch the presidential debate, or do I watch the highly anticipated season finale of Project Runway?
It was a difficult choice, but I did both. And after almost 3 hours of TV, my ass is asleep.
The season finale of PR was the same as always: model castings, dog poop, rushed and stressed designers backstage, “OH MY GOD THIS IS MY MOMENT”s, and then the big show.
When the main event finally arrived I got a little excited (although that could have just been the effects of the obscene amounts of coffee I chugged to make it through the night). I was really pulling for Korto – she was my favorite all along – but couldn’t wait to see what Leanne marched down the super-long runway. And, maybe, I was curious about Kenley’s collection.
And for the first time all season I was not disappointed. (If you opted for the debate, you can catch the collections here.)
The collections were all really beautiful, even Kenley’s. Each designer came through in their own unique way and I actually found myself saying (out loud!), “I’d wear that!” “I’d totally wear that!” “OMG I NEED TO BUY THAT OFF OF BLUEFLY.” (The product placement worked!)

Warning: Spoiler after the jump. I repeat: spoiler after the jump!

When it all ended I had no idea which way the judges would go: Kenley had great use of color and tailoring, Korto made dresses that would flatter any body, and Leanne’s designs were just so refreshing and beautiful.
After much deliberation (filled with stripper names and a dose of fashion history), the judges made their decision: and it was all about Leanne-imal.
It must have been that lucky dog poop.
Congrats to Leanne! We can’t wait to see your line online (tee hee). Could you just do us one teensy, tiny favor? Okay, maybe two. Can you increase the sizes and decrease the prices?

The Real Debate: Watch The Debate or Project Runway?
The Real Debate: Watch The Debate or Project Runway?
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