Rock the Look: Sweaterdresses

(Left to right: 3.1 Philip Lim, D&G, Versace, Diane Von Furstenberg)
[Do you ever feel like you can’t pull something off? Have trendy pieces in your closet that you would never have the courage to actually wear out? Well take those pieces out, shake off the dust, and continue reading!
In this series, I will choose a different piece that can be difficult to incorporate into an outfit and give you ideas on how to wear it. If there’s anything you would like to read about in the future, please leave a comment!]
Warm, comfy, and flattering, a sweaterdress should be in every college girl’s wardrobe this winter. They’re possibly the easiest item to wear, but also one of the most fun to accessorize. Read on to find one that fits your budget and ideas on what to pair it with.
When you’re looking for something cheap, Forever 21 is usually the best place to start. Layering long necklaces over a basic sweaterdress is a good way to make it interesting. Throw on an over-sized bag and a killer pair of boots and you have yourself an easy, chic ensemble.

Dress, $27.80, Boots, $32.80, Bag, 19.80, Forever 21. Necklace, Aldo $15.
This sweater from Arden B is my favorite – the color is fun and the shape is super sexy. It is shown on the model with jeans, but also works with leggings (just make sure they are solid not sheer!). Add a belt – thin or wide – to give the sweaterdress a little shape.

Dress, $58, Arden B. Belt, $6.80, Forever21. Boots, $198, Arturo Chiang Sol at Piperlime. Leggings, $24, Urban Outfitters.
Another way to wear the sweaterdress is layered over a tank (Express – $16.50). This sweater from Express ($59.50) would also look great with a belt, tights, and boots.

Here are some more cute sweaterdresses from Forever 21 (29.50), Express (69.50), and Victoria’s Secret (59.50 and 69).

Or, if you want to splurge (or simply just drool a little), here are a few high-end sweaters. The first one is from Catherine Malandrino available at Saks for $495. I love the cowl neck! The second is by Marc Jacobs and is at Saks for $1500. The ruffle is something different from your basic sweaterdress, so you will definitely stand out. The last sweater dress is by Tibi and is also at Saks for $325. My favorite detail on this one is the sleeves, but I also love the neck.


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