The Real Debate: Watch The Debate or Project Runway?


Today is a big day. Not only is it Hump Day and National Grouch Day, but it also happens to be the final presidential debate before the election and the season finale (not to mention last episode ever to run on Bravo!) of Project Runway!
Ahhh! Too much in one night.
What is a girl to do? Obviously, the debate is important; we want to be informed voters, right? And being that the election is only like 4ish weeks away, we need all the information we can get. But, we’ve put so much precious time into watching every last episode of Project Runway (which was difficult considering how crappy the season has been!), so how can we throw in the towel now?
And it’s not like we can flip back and forth between the two events during commercials – the damn debate doesn’t have any! And both the debate and Project Runway are far too important to DVR and just “catch later.” Some people seem to think there is a way to do it all, but that is just risky; you could miss some major talking points/uneven hemlines!
So which is it gonna be? The last and most important debate, or the hot mess that will be Kenley’s line comin’ down that runway? (Don’t worry; we won’t judge.)
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