Hell Effing Yes – It’s Friday

Ever have one of those weeks when you are so crazy busy you don’t even have time to realize how tired you are? Yeah, that’s how we feel right now.
We spent our week planning our Halloween costume, trying not to die from our Birth Control (not that we need it, considering how long we’ve been single), trying to understand the purpose of a threesome, avoiding scary movies, attempting to get our awful roommate to move out, and trying to find the perfect sweater dress for fall.
Ugh. Even our Hump Day was stressful with both the big presidential debate and the season finale of Project Runway on at the same time.
It’s a good thing we learned a few beauty tricks to fix those undereye circles; otherwise, we would have looked like one hot mess.
Thankfully it’s Friday, which means lots of time to r-e-l-a-x. We just aren’t sure which way is better: a few yoga classes, or a bird poop facial??

G.W.W.E.!: John “May We Have Another” Mayer
G.W.W.E.!: John “May We Have Another” Mayer
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