The Love List: Boots, Beer and Books

[Welcome to the third edition of my Weekly Love List. On all things I love. Because if I love them – well then obviously you may love them too. As the Backstreet Boys song says (and yes I am actually quoting them) “My Love is All I Have To Give.” So with that, here are this week’s list-worthy things…]
1. Hunter Boots. Every snowy day, every rainy day, every muddy day, I end up miserable when the inevitable happens: my pants become drenched and the water seeps up. There is truly nothing worse (well except maybe herpes). Uggs – or boots like them- are toasty, but they just don’t do the job. Hunter boots are cute, comfortable (unlike most rain boots) and the PERFECT boot for sloshing around in the snow. Put a pair of these bad boys on and I promise you’ll be singing (instead of swearing) in the rain.
2. The History of Love– It sounds like a sappy chic-flick book, but is quite the opposite. Perfect for a rainy day in sweats, paired – of course – with a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I die.
3. This commercial. Genius.
4. Loreal Paris HiP line. You can buy it at the drugstor, but it’s makeup counter quality. I adore the Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Teal. The black is also a great option to smoke out and you don’t have to feel guilty for spending a fortune.
5. A great food blog written by Deb, a women who cooks out of her small NY apartment. Chocolate Peanut Butter cake anyone? Now that is Love List worthy.

What are you totally loving this week? 

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