Hangover Helpers: Save Face in More Ways Than One

It’s no secret that drinking takes a toll on your skin. Dehydration, blotchiness and puffiness are just a few of the wonderful effects of alcohol–a moisture zapping diuretic– on your epidermis. So what’s a girl to do when faced with a serious liquor induced skin issue? Quit drinking? I think not.While that would obviously be the most effective move, it’s not one I plan on making any time in the near future (near future including this semester and every one after that until I graduate). Luckily, the makeup gods determined long ago that girl-kind should be able to have her cake (flavored mix drink) and eat it too (um, have nice looking skin).
The following products will salvage your face be you hungover and desperate for a quick fix, prepping for bed after drinks with the girls, or planning ahead for a night of partays (you overachiever, you).

Almay’s Oil Free Makeup Remover Towelettes

The first and most important step of salvaging your face is to take. off. your makeup. These hypoallergenic wipes are ready to go and come in a re-sealable package, so you have no excuse for going to bed with makeup on. By swiping off your smoky eyes, many layers of makeup and all that nasty stuff that inhabits bar-air (not to mention the saliva of drunk close-talkers trying to holla) you automatically start your morning off with the upper hand: clean skin that has had the chance to breathe overnight. These wipes also contain soothing aloe and green tea to battle blotchiness, and green tea to reduce eye area puffiness.

Yves Rocher 3 Minute Super Moisture Mask

This super rich mask will restore as much moisture as your parched skin can handle. Add this extra step to your morning routine, no matter how groggy you are. Smear it on and brush your teeth, watch the Today Show, check Facebook–whateva, just do it! Your skin will seriously thank you for it, and a moisturized face will allow for makeup to go on smoother and look healthier. The best part? The stuff is less than 4 bucks a pop.

Benefit’s Realness of Concealness Kit

This super compact, um, compact will literally save your life. Okay maybe not your life, but, no questions asked, it will save your face. It’s small enough to carry in your evening clutch (which I do every time I go out, just because I can never tell where my night will lead me), or to throw into your cosmetic case for necessary touch-ups. Inside, there are two super-heavy duty concealers: a yellow tinted Lemon-Aid (to brighten any purple under-eye nonsense) and Boi-ing – a skin toned cover up to counteract zits, beard burn or hickeys…because stuff happens. It also has a mini vial of eye de-puffer (hallelujah), lip plumper (a God send after margarita induced dehydration), and Benefit’s divine gift to womankind—High Beam highlighter. Dab this miracle elixir under your brow bones, along your cheekbones and in the corner of your eyes and you’ll look well rested and fresh faced.

Nars’ Super Orgasm Blush.

Your dry, pallid skin is screaming for color right now, but put down that brush and step away. from. the bronzer. Your natural reaction to cake on as much faux glow as you can—be it orange or not—will only result in you looking freakishly Oompa-like and far from attractive. Instead, stick with blush. It will add a natural glow to your cheeks, making you look like your blood is circulating normally, not slowly trickling to and from your liver bogged down with Cuervo residue. Nars is famous for its Orgasm color (it truly is universal), and this improved version kicks it up a notch with extra gold shimmer that will add dimension to severe zombie face.

Rimmell Eye Magnifier Eye Opening Mascara

Lend your tired lids a hand and use your lashes to your advantage. By curling your lashes and coating them with this mascara, your eyes will appear larger and you will look more awake and refreshed. Make sure you have no leftover residue from your mascara last night to avoid spider lashes, and use a lash comb to get rid of any clumps. For extra pop, line the inner part of your lower eyelid with a snowy white eyeliner to make you look even more alert, and to combat any redness.
No matter what you put on your face, make sure you eat something carbalicious (whatever your stomach can take), guzzle water…then drink another bottle for good measure. If you can, get your hands on some vitamin-B – it will do your body good. Oh, and when you get home, take yourself a well deserved nap, lady!
[Photo courtesy of theonion.com] 

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