Other Things Happened This Weekend Besides Sarah Palin on SNL

God, Sarah Palin is everywhere this morning. As if my sh*tty vodka induced hangover wasn’t bad enough, everywhere I turn I see the clip of S.P. on SNL.
Yes, it was funny.
Yes, she did a good job.
Yes, she still had that damn beehive-y hairdo with the bad highlights and major bangs.
But isn’t there anything else to talk about?
Like, I don’t know, what’s happening at the New York Stock Exchange.
Or the fact that I still haven’t found someone to snuggle with.
Or that Adam Sandler’s daughter looks eerily just. like. him.
Or this hilarious library bingo from Butler (that somehow everyone on every campus can relate to).
Come on, people. There are other things to talk about besides SNL and politics. Like fashion. Or makeup. Or celebrities who make really poor choices.

Overheard: Phallusies
Overheard: Phallusies
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