Man Junk. Yes, It’s Exactly What it Sounds Like.

They have shampoo to clean your hair, soap to clean your body, and face wash to clean your…duh… face.
“But what about a man’s scrotum?!” you ask. Well, now they have that too.
Ladies and (especially) gentlemen, I present to you: Man Junk.
I know what you are thinking (“Oh what a glorious day! Hallelujah! Finally, no more sweaty stench!”), and I am right there with you.
There have been products on the market to keep women so fresh and so clean (clean) for years, so it is only fair that a product was developed to do the same for men. I mean, men are constantly complaining about what goes on downtown on a woman, but they have no clue what we are dealing with in their nether regions.
Mainly: the scent.
According to the Man Junk website, normal male body soaps are not strong enough to mask the Eau de Scrotum of a man (Editor’s Note: Don’t I know it! Daaaamn.), so some super smart guys got together to create this organic body wash focused on this one main zone. Which makes things much more pleasant… for everyone.
This sounds like a dream come true…if our boys would actually go out and purchase it. Which I imagine they would do right after they offer to pick up our tampons. Read: never. Most guys would die before they would let on to anyone that their scrotum may possibly stink. Hell, most guys won’t even entertain that thought for themselves! So, that means that it is up to us, ladies, to make the Man Junk purchase….or withhold on the trips downtown until the boys do.
Whoever picks up this product, I think we all owe the people behind Man Junk a giant “OMGThankYouSoMuch!
So, thank you, makers of Man Junk. We, the women of CollegeCandy, salute you.

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